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Interested in being interviewed for our Podcast - Virtually?

Our broadcast format includes primarily interviews with those who run events for their organizations, attendees and their responses,
and event forecasts previewing what to expect at events worldwide.

Get Interviewed - Get Exposure!
Give people a taste of what your organization is about and what your events are like - If you're ready to go with an audio interview, simply 
answer the following questions in order with short, to the point answers.  We will record them and place it in our 24x7 Podcast for all to hear!

Call Our USA Voicemail: 1-312-772-5631
2) Read the following questions into the voicemail in the form of a question, answer it concisely and loudly enough in your own words.
3) Hang Up - That's It. Your interview should be available soon!

"What is the name & purpose of our organization?"
2) "What Event(s) do we host?"
3) "How can one reach us and our organization?" (Name, Email, Website, Phone, Etc.)

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