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Tuesday, April 17 2018
11:00pm - 12:30am

Known Unknowns: Designing uncertainty into AI-powered systems

From the Design & AI meetup group:
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We move beyond histograms and scatter plots to view “uncertainty” as a core design feature. “Uncertainty” when incorporated properly into product design, drives user engagement and leads users to discover actionable insights.

Machine learning algorithms offer us more accurate predictions than ever before. However, no AI is perfect and we discuss how we integrate our confidence measures into UX/UI design choices. We will share our results from tests of our new Astrocyte Breakpoint product.

We will ground this discussion by comparing these results with recent findings in the fields of Behavioral Economics, Game Theory (via an AlphaGo Zero example), and Weather Forecasting (using Hurricane Maria).

We are excited and honored to be the first team to present at this new Design & AI meetup group. We love thinking about these topics and are excited to learn from all of you.


Astrocyte Research

Astrocyte Research delivers real-time global market forecasts and alerts.

Discretionary investors, systematic funds and portfolio advisors rely on Astrocyte's Breakpoint platform for deep, machine learning-based insights that constantly test their strategy's assumptions.

Astrocyte was founded in 2014 by MIT Alumnus and former Global Macro Portfolio Manager Sean Kruzel. Sean lends the platform his special expertise in economics and mathematics.


Sean Kruzel

Founded Astrocyte Research to better address the intelligence and forecasting needs of professional investors.

He is a former Quantitative Global Macro Portfolio Manager and graduated from MIT in 2008 with Mathematics and Economics Degrees.

Since the financial crisis he has developed novel forecasting methods to predict economic data, track central bank views and structure options portfolios while at JPMorgan Asset Management and two global macro hedge funds.

When he’s not investing or programming, he’s probably sharpening his skis to get ready for the next icy, New England snowstorm.

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