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Friday, August 23 2019
5:00pm - 10:00pm

Developer Tools @SFHTML5

Join us for five in-depth talks about Developer Tools with speakers from Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla! #1—Build better sites faster with Chrome DevToolsThe ultimate goal of Chrome DevTools is to help you build better sites, or build sites faster, or maybe even both. If you've never used DevTools before, this talk will show you some core DevTools workflows, like debugging CSS and JavaScript, simulating mobile devices, and analyzing page load performance. If you use DevTools every day, we'll cover a lot of new and hidden features along the way that you may not know about. So hopefully there'll be something for everyone. About the speakerKayce Basques (@kaycebasques) writes the Chrome DevTools docs, makes DevTools videos, and does community outreach to find out how to make DevTools more useful. #2—It takes a Village: Lessons on Collaborative Web DevelopmentWhich of the teams, companies, business partners, or open source communities that you work with is the most geographically dispersed? Think about the tools that empower you and your collaborators to discuss, plan, triage, brainstorm, design, review, test, maintain, etc. – together. Are browser developer tools anywhere in that list? Let’s talk about existing and new collaborative workflows in DevTools that can bring your team together. About the speakerHarald Kirschner (@digitarald) is part of the global Mozilla community, where he works on Firefox’s Developer and Performance Tools – supporting developers build the Internet as a global public resource, accessible to all. Prior Mozilla projects are a mix of acronyms and obscure names, like asm.js, B2G, WASM, Quantum, OWA, PWA, and many others. #3—New & Experimental CSS Tools in FirefoxThe Firefox DevTools team has been hard at work on a new set of HTML/CSS tools that address everything from the latest layout specs to age-old frustrations of building the web. We’ll go behind the scenes of seven new tools and take a peek at some far-flung future ideas. About the speakerVictoria Wang (@violasong) is a UX Designer at Mozilla working on Firefox Developer Tools. Previously, she co-created #4—What’s new in Safari DevToolsAll about new features of the Elements tab and the new CPU timeline. About the speaker : Nikita Vasilyev (@elv1s) has been tinkering on web developer tools for almost a decade. For the last five years he has been working full-time on WebKit Web Inspector. #5—Maximizing Productivity with the Edge Developer ToolsThe web has never been more capable--the customer experiences we build increasingly rival native platforms on all fronts. What’s often lost in all this end-customer innovation, though, is a seamless end-to-end experience for web devs. Taming the complexity it takes to build a modern site or app requires an often overwhelming array of tools, frameworks, and services. Join us as we venture--from IDE to livesite--through a few of the Edge developer tools we’re investing in to ease that development journey. About the speakerBrendyn Alexander (@webrendyn) started as a web dev in the late 90s and works now as the Developer Tools product lead on the Edge team. Though most of his time these days is spent in meetings (dreaming of doing), the passion to connect with, learn from, & empower web devs burns strong. Schedule* 5:00 PM Doors open* 6:30-6:40 PM Announcements* 6:40-7:45 PM Talks 1,2, and 3 * 7:50-8:20 PM Break* 8:20-8:30 PM Lightning talks * 8:30-9:25 PM Talks 4 and 5* 9:25-9:45 PM Q&A* 9:45 PM Event ends Notes:* Online registration for this event closes at noon on the day of the event.* On-site registration (for registered attendees) closes at 7:00 PM.* For security reasons, unregistered guests and +1s are not allowed. Every attendee must be a member of SFHTML5 (on Meetup) and register for the event (RSVP Yes) before noon on the day of the event to enter the event; no exceptions.* This event will be recorded and posted on the SFHTML5 YouTube channel.

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