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Thursday, February 16 2017
5:00pm - 6:00pm

Mad*Pow Webinar: Why is this so hard? Understanding the challenges that inhibit design & innovation in your organization

Why is this so hard? Understanding the challenges that inhibit design & innovation in your organization
Thursday, February 16, 2017 from 12-1PM EST.

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Design has been heralded as a key differentiator of successful product and service offerings. Organizations are scrambling to pick up designers everywhere they can find them. Innovation Centers are springing up like mushrooms and it seems everybody is talking about the importance of understanding their audience.

With design comes new ways of examining challenges, exploring solutions, and making decisions. But despite this newfound interest and pools of talent and creativity, these new ways of working and thinking often struggle to take hold. People find themselves drifting back to doing things the way they´ve always done them, products and service don’t improve, and users continue to suffer.

What causes organizations with such good intentions and great talent to struggle with design?

Organizations may be aware of new ideas and the need to change, but knowing what and how to change is hard. For change to happen, organizations must be ready. They need to identify not just the new things they should be doing, but also what needs to stop–the behaviors and beliefs that will keep them from reaching their objectives. Using culture as a lens, we examine how people work together, how they believe things should work, and which values they share so that we can identify how to best integrate design.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

How to gauge your organization’s readiness for design.
How to determine which combinations of changes will be effective for your objectives.
How to analyze your organization’s culture and use it to make meaningful decisions about change efforts.
How to “right size” your efforts based on your organization’s readiness.
What you can do to integrate design into your organization, no matter what role you play.

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